Our company was founded in 2005 with the mission to promote Inuit history and culture and to train Inuit in all aspects of media work.  Our founding partners are Joelie Sanguya, Charlotte Dewolff and Ole Gjerstad, who had worked together on documentary projects in the Canadian Arctic.  We are based in Clyde River, on Baffin Island, Nunavut, where we have collaborated with local organizations to establish production and post-production facilities and run training programs.  Our films are made in Inuktitut and English (and sometimes French) versions.  Our productions include:


The Mystery of Arqioq (2008), about a doomed expedition and the guide who (perhaps) returned from the dead.


Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths (2010) examines the near-extermination of the Inuit sled dogs a generation ago – how it happened and why it has caused deep wounds in Inuit society.


The Quest

Nunavut Quest: Race Across Baffin (2011), a six-part series following the traditional Inuit dog sledding race from Pond Inlet to Clyde River, a celebration of Inuit traditions and spectacular Arctic scenery.