Directed by: MIKE JAYPOODY


Director of Photography: MIKE JAYPOODY

Additional Camera: Miles Finlayson, Pierre Tremblay, Vincent Desrosiers,  Robert Kautuk, Glenn Spencer



Production and Post-Production Manager: CHARLOTTE DEWOLFF

Sound Editor and mix: CHRIS COLEMAN

Mentors to the Director:  PIERRE TREMBLAY, OLE GJERSTAD

Post-Production Facility: Ittaq Heritage Centre, Clyde River, Nunavut



Mike Jaypoody, Director and DoP

Mike was born in Clyde River, Nunavut in 1983.  He was raised by his grandparents and graduated Grade 12 in 2001.  That same year he began working at the youth drop-in program at the Ilisaqsivik Family Wellness Centre, a position he held until 2005.

In the following years Mike took on a range of technical tasks at Ilisaqsivik, including the managing of the Qiniq internet connection and other computer tasks.  When the centre began to use video, that part was added to his responsibilities. In 2008, Mike was engaged as assistant editor by Piksuk Media on the documentary “The Mystery of Arqioq.”  That assignment was followed by higher-levels tasks in Piksuk’s subsequent films and television series, including “Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths” and the series “Nunavut Quest: Race Across Baffin”.  “Tony: Back From the Brink” is Mike’s debut as a Director and DoP.

Mike has played a key role as Ilisaqsivik has developed its own media department, the Ittaq Heritage Centre. In that capacity he traveled to Nepal in early 2012, as part of an exchange organized by the Piqqusilirivvik Cultural School.

Mike is married to Lucy Palituq.  They have three young children, Carlos, Kim and Ashevak Palituq .

Joelie Sanguya, Producer

Joelie Sanguya is noted as an Inuit traditional knowledge specialist. He is a former teacher and principal. He is the majority partner of Piksuk Media Inc., a production company headquartered in his home community of Clyde River, Nunavut. He has produced, co-directed and co-written a number of Piksuk’s documentary films and series.

Joelie now spends his time engaged in various community wellness activities, research projects and as a producer/director with Piksuk. He is former chairman of the local wellness society and the community justice committee, and a member of a team on an international climate and ice research project coordinated by the University of Colorado.

For the last five years Joelie, an avid dog musher has competed in the Nunavut Quest. The Quest is a traditional Inuit style dog race run annually on Baffin Island.

Joelie`s knowledge of Inuit culture, traditions and language, combined with his expertise as a dog musher was invaluable in ensuring that the knowledge base, website and video game associated with the Nunavut Quest television series are reflective of, and true to, Inuit culture and the uniqueness of the actual Nunavut Quest race.

Charlotte Dewolff, Creative Consultant

Charlotte Dewolff fulfills senior producer obligations for Piksuk Media Inc. and oversees project administration and management. She is recognized as a leader and builder within the film & television industry of Nunavut. Her tenure in the Arctic includes several years as Manager of Inuit Communications Systems Ltd.’s full-service television and video/film production facility.  She has experience in producing and production management for documentary and series television projects, as well as corporate video projects. Charlotte has served as Executive Director of Ajjiit, Nunavut Media Association and continues to be an active member of the organization.

Charlotte was a member of the Government of Nunavut’s working group tasked with developing the first Nunavut Film. She was a founding executive member of Ajjiit (2002), Nunavut Film, Television and New Media Association. She has coordinated industry special events, including film festivals, industry symposiums, international trade missions and film, television, and digital media training institutes in 2006, 2008 2009 and 2010. As a member of the Nunavut Film Board of Directors, she has served on the Policy committee.

Ole Gjerstad, Creative Consultant

Ole Gjerstad was born and raised in Norway. Arriving in Canada as a sailor, he worked at various odd jobs before becoming an anthropologist. Ole then spent 15 years in print media and radio on three continents, eventually making his first film in 1988. Since then, he has made more than 40 documentaries for broadcasters, Canadian and foreign, as an independent director and producer. His work has won awards at Hot Docs, the Geminis, the Yorkton Film Festival, Unesco Grand Prix, Prix Jules Verne, and numerous other festivals and venues.

Ole began working in the Canadian Arctic in 1990, collaborating with the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and producing for his own company, Words & Pictures Videos/Vidéos mots & images.  In 2005, he joined with Joelie Sanguya and Charlotte Dewolff to form Piksuk Media, based in Clyde River, Nunavut.